blog with scrabble

It's that special time, when you have decided to start a blog and need some help in doing so. During the course of this semester, we've done blogs with Wordpress, which as time went on, I saw that not many competitors come give you want Wordpress can. Then we stepped in the dark abyss that is Drupal. And finally, we've reached Joomla. A competitor worthy of being called a competitor of Wordpress. At first, I wasn't sure of Joomla and felt intimidated by the backend and edit process.

However, as I begun to play with the settings and do light research, I found Joomla to be quite the blogging website. Keeping with my Wordpress blog, I kept the same name and changed out the logo for the template that I installed from Gavick does not offer many Free templates for Joomla, but the one I choose had a few customization options that I am pleased with. The template also offered a responsive design, which I find useful in a world where many people have internet access on mobile phones and tablets. Another slight change I made was in regards to images. I added some images that could be useful on the blog, but I kept the main look and feel of the template the same. I also changed the body font of the website and removed the side menus from the main page. For now, that is all I did to customize my Joomla website. I choose to not add much because the blog template is very simple and I did not want to take away from the simplicity of the design.


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