We’ve waited 10 years for this. Starting in 2008, Marvel opened the door and gave us a peak into the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting with Iron Man with Robert Downy Jr. in the title role. Then from the greatness that was Tony Stark on screen, the cinematic world shook. No more was the comic book genre considered a joke. A new genre in film had stepped up to the plate and shot for a homerun. From Iron Man to the latest installment, Avengers: Infinity War, we have grown up with these films and they will forever live in our hearts.

Now that we have established many key characters in the MCU, time is of the essence and the final leap is taking place. Infinity War gave us a small look into the characters and how well they work together. Moreover, as a huge comic book and BBC’s Sherlock fan, I got the meeting I’ve dreamed of, RDJ vs. Benedict Cumberbatch, Tony Stark vs. Dr. Strange respectively. Infinity War makes a big leap that has shaken the MCU fans to the core. With part 2 or Avengers 4 coming May 2019, we are seeing the ending of a great era that will be hard to reproduce. Without spoiling the film, go see for yourselves. It’s in theatres everywhere.

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